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Si, Bred by Pedro Dot, Spain 1957.

Si, growing in a 5" Bonsai pot'Si'  is what is called a "microminiature" rose. It is the miniature rose of all miniatures, in fact. There is no rose smaller than this one. My plant is over two years old, and occupies a 5" diameter bonsai pot! Bred by Pedro Dot of Spain and introduced in 1957, this rose is still regarded as being "the world's smallest rose". Breeding: 'Perla de Montserrat' X ('Anny' X 'Tom Thumb') Both 'Roulettii' and 'Cécile Brünner' play a large part in the background of 'Si's breeding.

In examining the history of miniature roses, this tiny rose was bred during a time when miniatures were of little interest to the world. Few other rose hybridizers were working on breeding small plants, except Ralph Moore of California, whose impact on Miniatures is now well known worldwide. Seńor Pedro Dot produced a large number of roses of many types, including Hybrid Teas, Mosses, and a few important Miniatures. I wonder if he would be amused to know that he is perhaps best remembered for breeding this wonderful, tiny rose!?

SiNow take a close look at the photo at right/below.... I would say that the stem piece shown here is actually one and a quarter inches tall from tip of bloom to the bottom of the branch. The plant itself will grow to about 6, maybe 10 inches tall, and will bloom continuously, just like any other miniature. In spite of what some people might tell you, a small rose like this can be grown indoors under fluorescent lights during the winter. However, you must take special care to keep Spider Mites and Aphids under control, as they enjoy the dry warm air of the indoors. This is truly a unique rose, and certainly one of my favorites for its exceptional liliputian charm!

A bloom of Si shown with a penny!As you can see from this photo with the penny, 'Si' is indeed a tiny rose!
ARS merit rating
: 7.5
Personal merit rating: 8.5
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 6 to 10, zone 5 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 5" to 10" tall.

Fragrance: none.

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