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You may be tempted to shy away from outdoor water fountains because of the extra electricity required to keep the fountain running. If you don’t want to increase your monthly energy bill, consider solar water fountains. Setting up a solar fountain in your garden is a great outdoor fixture, will keep your electricity bill down, and will add class to your outdoor space.

This article is about decoration ideas you can execute with your garden fountain. However, before heading to this, you ought to know that choosing the right fountain is essential.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Water Fountain

  • Price
  • Size
  • Style
  • The fountain’s purpose(to serve as the centerpiece of your garden) influences the above factors

Outdoor Decor Ideas to Execute with your Garden Fountain

Give It a Natural Look With Greenery

This makes your garden fountain blend in with the rest of your garden, giving it a flawless natural look. You can use vining greenery such as Ivy at the bottom of the fountain to get a perfect blend.

Beautify your Fountain With Vibrant-Coloured Flowers

This is another excellent camouflage decor option. After deciding on the location, size, and style of the garden fountain, you can use vibrant-colored flowers to decorate or beautify your fountain.

Aside from making the fountain look like a natural fixture, it also gives an otherwise neutral-themed structure a robust or vibrant look.

Create a Pathway

You can use your fountain as the focal point of a path you want to create in your garden. It gives you easy access to your fountain without stepping on the greenery and highlights your fountain.

For countries with cold climates, ensure your path’s surface is the kind that lets you remove snow easily so that you won’t be cut off from your fountain during the winter season.

Surround the Base With Edible Vegetables

You don’t have to restrict yourself to non-edible plants. You can also go for edible vegetables and use them to decorate your fountain by planting them around the bottom of the fountain.

Choose edible vegetables that won’t grow excessively tall. Good options are green pumpkins, broccoli, strawberries, squash, and blueberries. These vegetables will boost the look of your fountain and can also serve as a source of nourishment when they mature.

Light Up Your Fountain

Have you heard of fountain lighting? It’s one of the most effective ways to beautify your garden and give it an irresistible look. Certain fountain lights have been designed so you can use them even during the daytime.

There are also multiple variations and options for fountain lighting. For example, you have white lighting, multi-colored lighting, and single-colored lighting. You need to consider the color of your fountain and the nearby accents when selecting lights for your fountain.

After you decide on the factors above and the type of lighting that suits your fountain best, you need to consider their power source. The most commonly used options are wired lights (powered by conventional electricity), battery-operated lighting, and solar-powered lighting.

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