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A DIY solar fountain is an easy and inexpensive way to add a one-of-a-kind element to your garden or backyard. Because everyone enjoys garden fountains and backyard ponds, adding this DIY solar fountain to your place can be an excellent conversation starter the next time you have friends or guests around. You need the right tools, a solar water pump for fountains, a location, and some plants and decorations.

A DIY solar fountain may not only add a lovely touch to your home but can also provide you with some psychological benefits. According to scientific research, being near water promotes mental health by reducing stress and increasing alertness and mental energy.

A solar fountain is off-grid, affordable, and easy to set up! Even with just a few materials and minimal handyman skills, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet bubbling sound of water every day.

Follow the steps below to set up a solar fountain effortlessly.

The Tools You Will Need

Some of the things you will need for this project include:

One Planter and One Water Container

Here, you may use any planter and water container. When ordering, make sure that the planter is considerably larger than the water container. Look for inspirations on the internet so that you can have a DIY solar fountain that matches your garden’s theme.

We will use an 18-inch flower pot as the planter and a smaller 15-inch flower pot as the water container in this project. Of course, if you want to save money, you may try to use anything you have lying around the house, such as a steel tub.

However, if you wish to use a metal water container, you cannot place any fish in it. The galvanized material may harm your fish. Fish typically thrive in old or worn metal containers.

Solar Pump

Solar water pumps, as opposed to regular water pumps, are self-contained units that use electricity generated by solar panels to pump water. They are generally affordable and might help you save money on your utility costs.
There are numerous brands of solar water pumps available, each with its own set of specs. A brushless motor is typically integrated into a solar water fountain pump, which gives a longer lifespan and reduced energy usage.
You should be aware that a solar fountain pump must be completely exposed to the sun, or it will not perform. You can also choose a nicer one with a rechargeable battery for enhanced efficiency.

Plants and Decorations

solar fountain pump

You have complete control over which plants and decorations you want to use in this project. Roses in pots around the fountain would be a colorful eyecatcher, but you can also choose to use no plants if you want to avoid upkeep. We’ve seen DIY solar fountain setups that use decorative rocks only on the internet.

Other tools include:

  • Shovel
  • Solar-powered fountain kit

Setting Up Your DIY Solar Fountain

Step 1: Choose a Location

As previously said, your solar fountain needs a lot of sunshine to function correctly. Hence, you need to pick the location wisely. However, this will also mean that you may only choose plants that can withstand prolonged exposure to sunshine.

Step 2: Level the Ground

A hoe can be used to level the ground. Arranging a few bricks might also provide a more solid foundation for your fountain. Just make sure you bury them afterward so no one can see them.

Step 3: Fill the Planter With Soil

Fill the empty area in the planter with potting soil and decorate with flowers and ornaments. You may arrange the flowers and decorations around the fountain as you like.

Step 4: Stack the Water Container

Fill the water container with water and place it on top of the planter. Remember that if your water container has drainage holes, these must be sealed beforehand to prevent the water from draining.

Step 5: Let the Solar Fountain Work

Congratulations! Now you can put the solar water pump into the water container and let the sun do its thing. However, the pump may not operate on cloudy days or after nightfall.


If you want to add that relaxing sound to your backyard, a solar-powered fountain might be the solution. What are you waiting for now? Go get your supplies and get started on your DIY solar fountain project. You can also seek the help of other family members to make this activity a family bonding experience.

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