Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024


The Rosey Gardener is a group of dedicated enthusiasts that can help you grow beautiful and stunning roses in your own home. If you require assistance or advice for any landscaping – be it in public parks, institutional areas, or commercial properties, we can provide a guide for every step of the way.

A Firm Goal with an Early Beginning

Our family farm has served as the birthing ground of our devotion to roses. We have been raising roses for a few decades, lovingly cultivating them until they are ready to be passed on to you to enjoy in your gardens.

Rose breeding is sometimes represented as an art as well as science. With that, we regard our craft with respect and delicate care. Today, the majority of our farming is still done by hand, much as it was in the beginning. Each plant we market has been hand-budded, a time-honored and complex process. We stay true to the natural planting and tending methods as developed through experience and expertise.

Cultivating with Beauty and Compassion

Each of our roses is a reflection of our mission and vision.

Borne from graceful and attractive shrubs, our roses have lovely blooms and, in the majority of cases, captivating fragrances. A garden of these magnificent roses is difficult to maintain, so we truly understand your struggle.

Furthermore, we are committed to assisting you at any level of rose cultivation – from variety selection to providing your rose with the treatment it requires to survive. Given that, we showcase our lifetime dedication to growing the best roses and offering you the knowledge you need, so together, we can cultivate a community of healthy rose growers.

Our Environmental Pledge

We are constantly improving our commitment to sustainability and compassion for the environment. We and our growers in the Rosey Gardener share a profound love of nature with our clientele. Because of our experience and dedication to the art and science of growing roses, we have an unmatched dependence on our surroundings. This is because the quality of our growing roses will depend on the health of our natural environment.

As an organization, we are committed to updating and improve our operations regularly to tread more softly on the planet. While we recognize that establishing completely sustainable planting practices would take time, we do what we can at the moment.

We urge all our members, and our clientele to take incremental measures like opting for recyclables or biodegradable items to reduce plastic trash. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while growing stunning roses to beautify every garden we touch.