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Today we will discuss the proper ways you can grow your potted climbing rose.

When preparing to incorporate potted climbing roses into your garden, the following recommendations should be followed:

You hold a remarkably resilient plant in your hands, but you must note these pointers. To begin, ensure adequate sunlight exposure and that your rose is exposed for at least four hours a day. By and large, this is a robust and sunlight-thriving flower. However, if you live in a tropical climate, any afternoon shade is advisable.

Roses are great container species. English Roses are ideally grown in large containers due to their bushy and shrubby habit. In contrast to many other container plant species, English Roses bloom in very fragrant flushes, especially throughout summer and autumn.

Choosing a Pot

Determine the location of your rose. We recommend that you follow the following guidelines:

To ensure an adequate depth of rich soil, we recommend using pots that have an interior sizing of 45 x 45cm, and can approximately contain around 60 liters.

Larger roses would need larger containers.

Ascertain that the container you choose has enough drainage holes.

The Right Time to Plant

Since potted roses are dormant, the best time to plant these types of climbing plants is within the timeframe of November to April. However, every time is a decent time to cultivate roses as long as the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.

What you’re going to need:

  • A Pair of Gardening gloves
  • Compost
  • Compost scoop
  • Small Blocks of Polystyrene used for drainage
  • A Large Pot

The Right Way to Do it

Pot preparation

Firstly, start placing the polystyrene boxes at the base of the container. This will help your rose drain excess moisture over the seasons. Then, start filling your container with compost. This can be a basic mixture with added manure, but you can always start with a simple mix. Fill the container using your compost scoop or your hands. Just make sure that there are no air pockets as you lightly apply pressure on the dirt. Continue to fill the container until it is half-full.

Plant placement

It is critical at this point to ensure that your rose can fit snugly into the container. Situate your rose plant in the pot and take note of the height difference between the pot’s rim and the divisions of your rose. In an ideal world, the union will sit a few inches just below the rims of your container

Firming of surrounding dirt

Following that, remove your rose plant from the container. Make sure that you’re wearing a pair of gardening gloves in the process.  We suggest tapping the pot’s sides gently to release the rose while keeping the root structure intact. Place your rose in the pot’s center and continue filling it with the compost mix as you go. Then, you can start pressing and firming the soil in the pot.

Watering your rose

Now your planted rose is established. Water your rose or keep the soil at certain moisture to allow for it to penetrate through the soil and into the roots. Take note that roses planted in pots will generally need more water than bare root roses that are planted in the ground soil.

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