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One of the simplest ways to include roses in your garden is by mixed beds and borders. Mix a variety of rose plant varieties with various companion shrubs and plantsĀ in a variety of tones. The solid pink blooms are toned down with the inclusion of silvery elements in our Cool Pink scheme, which is bold yet soothing. That said, some foliage mixing dark tones and purples gives the elegance of pinks more depth and dimension.

Best Flower Choices

There are a lot of beautiful rose flowers to build for your border. When we first worked on curating rose borders, looking for the best group of pink roses was a challenge. Over time, we realized that there are a lot of blooms we can work with. So, we made a list of varying pink tones to create some depth for the setup.

Large Flowers

Merge your large rose blooms with medium to small blooms. Large flowers tend to capture the eye, so having them in vibrant colors can make your borders stand out. However, if you prefer a more subtle border, fill it with medium blooms in lighter shades.

  • Mid pink Olivia English rose
  • Deep pink Gabriel Oak English rose
  • Rich pink Princess Anne English rose
  • Mid pink and apricot Eustacia Vye English rose

Impeccable Fragrances

If your borders are near the home or fenestrations, adding some roses with strong fragrances can keep the area smelling fruity and fresh. While most roses come with subtle, light to medium scents, these blooms have musky old rose fragrances. These roses are also great for hedges, and even as climbers, they can easily beautify any pergola or trellis.

  • Deep pink Gabriel Oak English Rose
  • Mid pink and apricot Eustacia Vye English rose
  • Bright pink Gertrude Jekyll English rose

Light Blooms

These are the best blooms for climbing roses because they remain subtle and graceful to the sight. However, these lighter shades should not be underestimated when in rose shrub borders. Some of these rose blooms come with stalky stems and stamens, giving the water a lily-like effect. Going for delicate and thinning petals also allow for the light to radiate,

  • Mid pink English rose.
  • Mid pink and apricot Eustacia Vye English rose
  • Cream and soft pink Emily Bronte English rose
  • Light pink Scarborough Fair English rose
  • Pale pink Lady of the Lake English rambling rose

Darker Shades

These blooms have darker and thicker petals, and they add depth to the colors of your border. While they are generally darker, they tend to be richer and more vibrant in color. Thus it captures the eye better, adding some character into the collection.

  • Deep pink Gabriel Oak English rose
  • Crimson pink Darcey Bussell English rose
  • Rich pink England Rose
  • Rich pink Princess Anne English rose

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