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Today we will discuss the proper ways you can grow your potted climbing rose.

When preparing to incorporate potted climbing roses into your garden, the following recommendations should be followed:

You hold a remarkably resilient plant in your hands, but you must note these pointers. To begin, ensure adequate sunlight exposure and that your rose is exposed for at least four hours a day. By and large, this is a robust and sunlight-thriving flower. However, if you live in a tropical climate, any afternoon shade is advisable.

Additionally, ensure that your rose plant has enough horizontal and vertical space to expand. Additionally, it must take up sufficient ground space so that the roots do not overlap with those of surrounding plants, hedges, or trees. Providing a frame, such as a small trellis or pergola, will also benefit your climber.

Watch the short explainer video about how to grow climbing roses in pots below:

The Right Way to Plant

Since potted roses are dormant, the best time to plant these types of climbing plants is within the timeframe of November to April. However, every time is a decent time to cultivate roses as long as the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.


Water your rose generously immediately before extracting it from its container.

Soil Preparation

Break up the dirt at the hole’s base with a fork. This will cause the roots to penetrate the soil more deeply. Roses thrive in a wide variety of soil types.


Strike a hole that is large and deep enough then to carry the rose’s root mass with a spade. This area should be roughly 40 cm wide and 60 cm long.

Break up the dirt at the hole’s base with a fork. This will cause the roots to penetrate the soil more deeply.


In the base of the hole, combine an adequate amount of well-rotted organic manure with the dirt. This would enrich the soil with essential nutrients, assisting the rose in establishing more successfully. Additionally, combine two spadesful of compost with the soil that was extracted from the hole.

Sprinkle the recommended quantity of Mycorrhiza Fungi along the planting hole’s sides and bottom. This promotes root growth and results in a more robust rose.


Take the rose carefully from its container then place it in the center of the pit. If planting near or against a wall, slope the stems 45 degrees away from the wall with the roots at a distance from the wall. Horizontally across a bamboo cane over the top of the opening to determine the proper planting depth. About the rose’s base, the soil mass can be just below the bamboo cane. As for the distance, it should be 5 – 7.5 cm below the ground level if you live in cold winter regions.

Utilize the soil that was initially dug to create the hole to fill in and surrounding the rose’s roots.

Firm the soil lightly with your foot around the rose to ensure that it is stable. Also, make sure that there are remains no air bubbles in the soil. After planting, thoroughly water the rose.

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