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December 2004, Brent Dickerson offers a new work on the Damask Perpetuals of the 1840's. Note: this is a lengthy piece and may take a minute to download.

With kind permission from the author himself, I have formatted Mr. Ralph Moore's 1966 book, "All About Miniature Roses" for viewing on the web. It chronicles the early years of his developement of the Modern Miniature roses. Highly recommended reading!

Major C. C. Hurst's 1922 document, "Notes On The Origin of The Moss Rose" has been added to the History and Rose Breeding sections of the site.

Father George Schoener, "Padre of the Roses"Here is a new document by Brent C. Dickerson chronicling the history of the China Roses. Mr. Dickerson is the Author of several respected volumes on the history of the earlier roses. Brent has also made a brief Introduction and General History of Roses available to my readers.

Here is a another new document by Brent C. Dickerson called "Debut of the Hybrid China Roses".

Here is a recently written article by Brent C. Dickerson, "A Brief History of the Hybrid Perpetual" Mr Dickerson is best known for his 2 authoritative volumes, 'The Old Rose Advisor', and 'The Old Rose Adventurer'. My thanks to Brent for allowing me to publish this article here! (There are more to follow!)

Here also, is an article by Brent on the History of the Bourbon roses, and one on the Damask Perpetuals through 1812.

A brief but useful article by nurseryman Thomas Rivers, written in 1854 on the culture and history of the Damask Perpetual.

A brief history of Father George Schoener, by Bill Grant of California. Father Schoener was know as "The Padre of the Roses" by most people. He bred roses in Brooks, Oregon, and Santa Clara, California, using R. gigantea extensively.


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