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Violacée, bred by Soupert & Notting, 1876.

So, here we have a rose that is a rich blend of crimsons and smoky purples, fully double blooms with a button eye, and it has moss. Sounds like a rose engineered precisely to my personal tastes, yes? You bet!

I have been reading about 'Violacée' for several years now, but had not seen it in person. Finally I found a source for it and acquired it, much to my delight. It seems to be everything I hoped it would be. The colors of the blooms are exquisite, and it has a great scent. Nicely mossed buds on a somewhat upright, climber-ish shrub, with heavy, dark green foliage make for a nice, complete package. While purple Mosses are not rare in commerce, this one is at least as deserving of attention as Mosses like 'Nuits de Young'. If you collect this style of roses, then its a worthy addition.

ARS merit rating: NA
Personal merit rating: 8.5
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 to 8, zone 5 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 4 to 7 feet tall.
Fragrance: 4.0, strong Old Rose scent.

"12-59-10" Mrs William Paul
Alfred de Dalmas "Nightmoss #1" (unregistered)
Barbara Oliva Nightmoss
Capitaine John Ingram "Nightmoss #3"(unregistered)
Cee Dee Moss Nuits de Young
Comtesse de Murinais "Orange Moss"
Connie Lohn Paintbrush
Dresden Doll Pelisson
Fuzzy Wuzzy Red Red Moss Rambler
Gabriel Noyelle Robert Leopold
Golden Moss Rougemoss
Goldmoss Salet
Heidi Scarlet Moss
Henri Martin "Single Moss"
Lady Moss William Lobb
Lemon Delight Un-named seedling
Loan Hulse Violacée
Mme de la Roche-Lambert  
Mel Hulse  

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