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Gabriel Noyelle , bred by Bautois, France 1933.

Gabriel NoyelleGabriel Noyelle is one of the few modern Moss Roses. Bred in the 1930's from seed parent 'Salet' and pollen parent 'Souvenir de Mme Kreuger', this is a fully remontant (repeat blooming) moss variety. The mossing on the buds is light, but the soft peach color is the exceptional feature. It does fade quite soon after fully open, but I find that quite acceptable. There is a mild, pleasant fragrance.

Disease resistance appears to be above average, and it is a very vigorous plant. (I have noted last year it had mildew problems, so I expect that every few years it could be a problem) Although it has a low ARS merit rating, I am very fond of it, and have used it for breeding with roses like Dresden Doll. (Results to be determined) Don't let the ARS rating put you specific climates, this can be a very desirable, attractive rose. Gabriel Noyelle is a fairly new plant in my collection, so I will update this page next year when I have had more experience with it in my garden.

ARS merit rating: 5.9
Personal merit rating: 8.0
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 to 8, zone 5 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 3 to 6 feet tall.

Fragrance: 3.0, mild, fresh scent.

"12-59-10" Mrs William Paul
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