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Cee Dee Moss, bred by Ralph Moore, Visalia California, 1990.

'Cee Dee Moss'Breeding: 'Carolyn Dean' X seedling.

'Cee Dee Moss' is a curious little rose that was developed along the way in the search for Mini Moss roses. Undoubtedly Mr. Moore was hoping for a miniature when he made this cross, but chose to release this one on its merits anyway. This will supposedly make a small climber of about 4 or 5 feet, with clusters of 2.5 to 3 inch blooms. As you can see here, there is quite a bit of glandular mossing on the buds. Semi-double blooms open fully and nearly flat to show off the golden stamens against the pink streaked white petals. There is a slight fragrance from the blossoms. The plant is healthy and vigorous.

While this may not be one of the most striking of the Moss roses Ralph Moore has created, it has a soft, furry sort of charm that I find appealing. It is unique among modern roses, and if you like the unusual, then this will definitely appeal to you.

ARS merit rating: 7.0
Personal merit rating: undecided
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 to 8, zone 5 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 3 to 5 feet tall.

Fragrance: 1.0, slight fragrance from the mossy buds.

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