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Trinket, Bred by Ralph Moore, California, 1965.

'Trinket'Breeding: "0-47-19" x 'Magic Wand'.

The cross that was made to create this tiny treasure relies on one of the foundation breeding plants of the Moore breeding program, "0-47-19". This seed parent has been used dozens of times in the creation of many excellent Moore Miniatures. That would come as a surpise to most people if they saw how "0-47-19" grows! It is a typical R. wichuraiana hybrid, which is to say that it is a Rambler of huge proportions, climbing at least fifteen feet in all directions. To think that such a petite, graceful Miniature could come from such an unruly beast of a parent is surprising, to say the least. And yet, that is how many of the Moore hybrids came about: a Rambler as the seed parent, and a Miniature (or Miniature climber) as the pollen parent.

'Trinket' is a rose that I have come to think of as an improved 'Si', for it shares many of the same qualities as that rose, but on a much more robust, healthy plant. The blooms open from tiny buds only slightly larger than a grain of wheat. Fully open blooms have considerably more character than the open blooms of 'Si' as well, with richer color, better form, substance and more petals. 'Trinket' will form a well-rounded mound of a plant about 12" tall and about as wide. It seems to be constantly in bloom in my garden, and performs equally well in pots or planted directly in the garden. If you are a fan of the Microminiature roses, then this is definitely a rose you will want to grow. Don't kid yourself, this isn't just another pink Miniature Rose!

ARS merit rating: 7.0
Personal merit rating: 8.5
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 through 10
Shrub size: approximately 12"
Fragrance: 0.0, no noticeable scent

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