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Teddy Bear, bred by Harmon Saville, USA 1989.

Teddy BearTeddy Bear is a most unique rose, of a rich russet color that is rare in roses. When the buds are first opening, they are a most astonishing brick red hue, and as they open fully as you see here at top left, they take on a more subdued brick and orange color. The photos here don't do the rose is a much more luminous color when you see it in person. I know it won't appeal to everybody, but I appreciate its uniqueness.

For those of you who like the florists rose, 'Leonidas', you may want to consider growing this miniature replica instead of trying to locate a plant of that. 'Teddy Bear' is much more suitable for growing in the garden than 'Leonidas' is, which will produce a most horrible metallic orange color in North American gardens. ('Leonidas' turns that soft coffee-russet hue only when grown in the cool greenhouses of South America, sorry!)Teddy Bear

As you can see, the American Rose Society has not given 'Teddy Bear' a very high rating. I am not sure why, as it has been a perfectly good plant for me. It may simply be because the color is not to everyone's liking. I have noted that occasionally it will get a bit of mildew on the buds before they open, but this has happened only in the greenhouse.

I have heard that this miniature is not as winter hardy as some, so I have given it a zone rating of 7 to 10 instead of 6 to 10. It may need protection in zone 7, and zone 6. Don't be surprised if it doesn't take deep freezes well.

Click here for another photo of 'Teddy Bear'.

ARS merit rating: 6.5
Personal merit rating: 7.5
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 7 to 10, zone 6 in a protected location.
Shrub size: approximately 10 to 18 inches tall.

Fragrance: 0.5, little scent.

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