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Little Chief, Bred by Ralph Moore, Visalia California, 1971.

Little ChiefBreeding: 'Cotton Candy' X 'Magic Wand'.

'Little Chief' is one of the very early miniatures Ralph Moore created using a R. wichuriana rambler seedling ('Cotton Candy') as a parent. 'Magic Wand' is a miniature derived from a cross of 'Éblouissant' X 'Zee'. (polyantha X climbing miniature)

'Little Chief' is a tiny plant, rarely growing much bigger than about 14" tall. It produces clusters of 1/2 to 3/4 inch blooms of deep reddish pink. If you have also grown 'Sweet Chariot' or 'Vineyard Song' you will see the influence of 'Little Chief' as their parent. Mr. Moore has expressed to me that 'Little Chief' is still largely unexplored as a parent, and thoughtfull breeders could still do a lot of good work with this rose. It is useful as both a seed and pollen parent. I will start working with 'Little Chief' this coming season to incorporate into my breeding program. I am hoping it will prove useful in working with one of my favorite seed parents, 'Marbree', a Portland Damask.

ARS merit rating: 6.8
Personal merit rating: 7.5
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 through 10.
Shrub size: approximately 14" tall

Fragrance: 1.5, mild fragrance.

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