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Fairy Moss , Bred by Ralph Moore, Visalia California, 1969.

'Fairy Moss''Fairy Moss' is the first of Ralph Moore's sucessful line of Miniature Moss Roses. Breeding is 'New Penny' X 12-59-10, a mossed seedling bred from 'Pinocchio' and 'William Lobb'. This was the rose that proved to be one of the touchstones for Mr. Moore in his search for miniature Moss roses. From 'Fairy Moss' came roses such as 'Dresden Doll', 'Heidi', 'Kara', 'Paintbrush', 'Rose Gilardi', 'Toy Balloon', and 'Lemon Delight'. There are some full-sized shrub roses that have beed bred from 'Fairy Moss' as well, and may be appearing on the market sometime in the future. I myself am starting to use it as both a seed and pollen parent, as it produces both fertile seed and pollen readily. It is a useful parent whose qualities are still worth exploring.

This is a small, twiggy shrub that will get to be not more than 18" in height. It blooms with very quick repeat, but tends to do so in flushes so that there are short rests between bloom cycles. The blooms are about 1.5 inches across, and a rich medium pink. The foliage is wonderfully tiny and deep glossy green, and has been very disease resistant for me. As you can see, the blooms open fully to expose the bright yellow stamens. In my experience, the buds are only modestly mossy, and yet the plant has the ability to pass on very strong mossing to its progeny. In spite of a poor ARS rating (I suspect it is because it is not a show rose) this is a wonderful tiny moss shrub!

ARS merit rating: 6.2
Personal merit rating: 8.5
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 5 through 10
Shrub size: 12 to 18 inches, and slighly wider.

Fragrance: 1.5, mostly from the balsam scented mossing on the buds.

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