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Welcome to the February 2006 edition of my web site! The roses I write about are the Old Garden Roses and select shrub and miniature roses of the 20th century. For tips on rose culture, pruning, propagation and history, see the "Site Resources Guide" box in the navigation panel at left. To return to this page, click on the "thorn icon" in the margin at left. Articles from the previous months are archived and can be viewed by clicking on the listings in the left margin. Oh, and please don't write to me for a catalog or pricelist.....this is an information site only, not a commercial nursery. If you wish to buy roses, see my sponsor, The Uncommon Rose.

A Selection of New Photos to Stave Off Mid-Winter Blues
by Paul Barden

I have decided this month to update some of my cultivar pages with new photos taken during the 2005 season. Nothing particularly informative or educational here, just some new pics that I thought would improve the overall image contant of the site. Included are photos of five of my new commercially available varieties offered at The Uncommon Rose. Enjoy!

Please note that all of the photos you see here and elsewhere on this web site are copyright protected! Unauthorized copying, re-publishing or linking to these images is illegal and not allowed without my express permission. Taking images from someone's web site and using them for other purposes (other than personal enjoyment on your home computer) is theft. Please don't do it!

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