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My list of links including a brief description of the contents of the site.

NEW! The web site of the Huntington Botanical Garden, including a spectacular rose garden curated by Clair Martin, author of some very fine books on Antique and Englich Roses.

Roses Loubert. The Collection Nationale de Roses Botaniques, France, including a spectacular collection of rose photos to be found nowhere else. The Gallica collection alone is wonderful!

Cass Bernstein's lovely collection of roses in California. A great selection of warm climate roses and an honest asessment of their merits and flaws.

A great collection of Old Roses by Pirjo Rautio, including a complete photo collection of Gallica cultivars not currently known outside of European collections.

The Rosarian's Corner, a discussion group that goes beyond the usual to become a real community of dedicated, thoughful rosarians. (You must sign up for membership)

Alan's Gardener's Corner web site in Chandler Arizona. Alan can assist other hot climate folks in choosing good roses for their locale.

A wonderful collection of Rose photos by Regina and Susan. This is a must see..... Pure eye candy!

The new web site for the Heritage Rose Foundation, and The Heritage Rose Foundation's discussion forum.

Baldo Villegas' site about Insects in the garden, both good and bad. Make sure you learn which is which! He also has much to offer about roses diseases as well.

Peter Schneider's Combined Rose List, which you can purchase annually to find out which nurseries sell that special rose you are looking for.

The Gold Coast Heritage Roses Group, serving the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas in California.

Bob Bauer's Rose Photography site. Eye Candy if there ever was such a thing. Go Bob, go! Be sure to check out his new page about his Spring 2002 visit to Sequoia Nursery.

A brief review of John Scarman's Old Garden Rose pruning techniques, by Don Julien.

the handsome and informative home page for the Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society. Lots of detailed information here specific to the Valley climate.

A new web site by Daniel Lemonnier entitled "Les Roses de Normandie", featuring many roses grown in Nornamdy. Daniel writes: " am just creating a website on the Roses from Normandy : more than 600 OGR were created in Normandy from 1815 to 1935 ! Some of them are very famous and known by most old roses lovers."

A beautiful new web site by the photographer, Jocelen Janon, entitled "Rosa Rosam". Well worth checking out....lovely photographs. Be sure to look at his gallery of non-rose photos as well!

Kent Krugh's website, entitled "A Woodland Garden", his personal garden site.

UPDATED! The Heritage Roses Group has a new website describing its activities in the realm of Old Garden Rose preservation and enjoyment. This is one of the most important publications about the OGR's that there is.

I am very pleased to add a link to a project I have been working on for many months. With the kind permission of Mr. Ralph Moore and Sequoia Nursery, I have formatted Mr. Moore's 1966 book, "All About Miniature Roses" for web viewing. This is a rare and important volume that offers much to document the early history of the development of the Miniature rose.

The Canadian Rose Society's home page. The American Rose Society's home page.

A great link to Dr. Malcolm Manners page that offers a detailed, illustrated description of several grafting and budding methods.

The Uncommon Rose. Some rare and unusual roses here!

My friend Margo Thom's page for her nursery "The Old Lady of Old Roses" in B.C. Nice lady, nice resource!

A link to my friend Lee Sherman's new website. Be sure to have a look....there are some very funny and irreverent bits of writing here too...

HelpMeFind is a Rose database that is FULL of useful information. You can find out about the history of a particular variety, where to buy it, and many other details. This is one of the BEST resources on the web!

This is Brent Dickerson's home page. He is the well known author of 'The Old Rose Advisor', and 'The Old Rose Adventurer', two of the best books on Heritage Roses. Brent is an authoritative rose historian, and his page is a must for those of you interested in the history of the rose.

A fellow rose breeder, John Starnes has a page that includes his budwood and pollen exchange program. See it at "The Garden Doctor".

This is Andrew Schulman's site entitled, 'Yesterday's Rose'. It is a very well designed site that is one of the very best resources on the Net.  Very highly reccomended! Note: Mr. Schulman discontinued this web site in 2002, but there an archived copy of the site is still available for your perusal at the Internet Archive.

World famous rose nursery, Pickering Nurseries, has an excellent site with secure online ordering.

Cheryl Netter offers us a tour of her rose garden in Denver, Colorado, including a very thorough list of many Old Garden and English Roses. There are very useful propagation atricles here.

Rose related articles by Henry Kuska, including many papers on breeding roses. Excellent resource for the amateur breeder.

Bob Byrnes is a fellow Rose Hybridizer who is doing very interesting work with Griffith Buck roses. User-friendly information about seed germination and photos of his own rose Hybrids.

The Texas Rose Rustlers page. This is a great organization dedicated to the preservation and propagation of Heritage Roses. Useful articles here as well.

This is an excellent article on rose propagation by Mel Hulse. Very user friendly information.

This is K. King's CyberRose Garden. There is a wealth of technical genetic information available here, including such things as Dr. Hurst's papers on the Septet Theory. Also some of Ralph Moore's writings on the breeding of Mini Moss roses and new striped minis. Very valuable infomation for the amateur and professional rose breeder alike!

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