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Tantarra, bred by Bernard Gardner, California, 1996.

TantarraNow here is a wonderful new rose! I first learned about 'Tantarra' from Kim Rupert of California a little over a year ago. Kim is a major collector of unusually colored roses, especially the "Coffee Roses". Kim described 'Tantarra' in an article he wrote a while back:

"Bernard Gardner lives in Los Banos, California, and has been breeding roses for his interest and enjoyment for many years. One of his intense rose interests is the creation of these unusual colors. TANTARRA was bred from Boerners 1955 hybrid tea BALINESE, itself a product of GREY PEARL and LAVENDER PINOCCHIO. Its leaves are matte, dark blue-green, yielding a lovely background for the 4", slightly fragrant, creamy tan-mahogany blooms. While they often come one to the stem, small clusters of up to three are produced. The buds are more slender than others from this line of breeding, and the flower starts off nicely high-centered. Like the others of this coloring, the rich, creamy coffee shades are most evident in cooler weather or light shade."

I am not much a fan of the Hybrid Tea growth habit, but 'Tantarra' is an exception I am willing to make. When floral arrangers get ahold of this rose, WATCH OUT! I can imagine this being exceptionally beautiful in an arrangement, along the lines of 'Julia's Rose'. The photo barely describes the soft camels hair tan hue of this lovely rose. You have to see it in person to really appreciate its beautiful coloring.

ARS merit rating: none given yet
Personal merit rating: undecided.
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 6 to 10, zone 5 with considerable protection.
Shrub size: 2.5 to 4 feet tall X 2 feet wide.
Fragrance: 1.5, slight fragrance.

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