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It's Showtime (MORjoybon), bred by Ralph Moore, California, 1996.
Introduced by Springhill Nursery.

It's Showtime It's Showtime is classed as a Hybrid Tea, but it's really a cross of the Miniature variety 'Joycie' and an old Tea Rose 'Bon Silene'. It is a vigorous, upright plant that grows like a Hybrid Tea to four feet or more. Elegant apricot buds open to soft orange/apricot, fully double 4" blooms with a heady fragrance.

While David Austin has been receiving kudos for his work in breeding Old Garden Roses with modern shrubs to create a new breed of OGR style rose, Ralph Moore has been creating shrubs like this all along, and receiving far too little attention for his efforts. 'It's Showtime' is one such rose, and shows the kind of creative breeding Ralph Moore is known for. In this instance, the cross was one of his best orange Miniatures, 'Joycie', crossed with the handsome and vigorous Tea, 'Bon Silene'. The mating resulted in near perfection in the form of this glowing apricot rose.

Sequoia Nursery sold this variety to Spring Hill, and sadly, Springhill Nursery is currently suffering from financial woes. Until the time that Springhill rises from the ashes, this rose is considered to be in limbo as a commercial cultivar. If you were lucky enough to purchase 'It's Showtime' while it was offerred, then you know what a wonderful shrub this is. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this rose makes its way back into commerce, for it is a truly superior variety that deserves a place in gardens everywhere.

ARS merit rating: none given
Personal merit rating: 9.0.
Hardiness: Likely USDA zones 6 to 10, zone 5 with protection.
Shrub size: 3 to 5 feet tall X 3 feet wide.
Fragrance: 3.0, modest Tea fragrance.

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