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Portland from Glendora. Breeding and date of introduction unknown.

Portland from GlendoraThis rose has been tentatively identified as the Vibert Damask Perpetual 'Johasine Hanet', introduced in 1882) We cannot know for sure, but for now this "maybe" identification will do.

"Portland from Glendora" is a robust Damask Perpetual, building to a shrub of at least 6 feet tall and a bit less wide. It blooms in grand flushes through the season and generally makes an attractive shrub without a great deal of intervention by secateurs. The blooms are about 3" across, borne most often in small clusters, are shallowly cupped but reflex a bit at maturity. The color is generally a deep cerise-pink hue, but is variable in intensity according to climate. The fragrance is superb: classic Damask perfume of the very best sort.

This is a lovely remontant Old Garden Rose with a particularly good track record in the warm and dry California climates. If it could be said to have any faults, it would be its inclination to Blackspot a bit too readily.

ARS merit rating: N.A.
Personal merit rating: 7.5
Hardiness: USDA zones 6 to 10, possibly zone 5 in a protected location.
Shrub size: 4 to 8 feet tall, and a bit less wide.
Fragrance: 5.0 Intense Damask fragrance.

Blanc de Vibert Marbrée seedling #5
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