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'Golden Buddha', bred by Paul Barden. Introduced 2006.

Golden BuddhaBreeding: 'June Laver' X 'Out of Yesteryear'.

After several years careful evaluation, the rose formerly known only as seedling "04-02-06" is commercially available. Bred from a deep gold miniature that has been shown to be a worthwhile parent, and the magical Bracteata hybrid 'Out of Yesteryear', this rose has inherited many of the best qualities of both. It is a compact grower to about 3 feet X 3 feet, lushly foliated with deep green leaves that make a full, dense shrub. The blooms are produced almost continuously, even in hot weather and they are richly scented of ripe apricots. Each bloom is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter and have the luminosity of silk tinted with orange juice, almost pearlescent. It flowers singly and in clusters of five or more.

In the cooler weather of Spring and Fall, the coloring of 'Golden Buddha' is often more yellow-gold hue and in the heat of Summer, it deepens to the more orange-apricot you see here. Bloom sare often much more double in the Fall than other times.

If it could be said that 'Golden Buddha' has a flaw, it would be the fact that the soft colors fade after two or three days. However, lasting color in this hue is nearly impossible to breed for, and so few roses, if any, accomplish this, so I don't regard the fading as a serious problem. Friends who have grown it for testing have been pleased with its color and overall performance. It is a rose that is guaranteed to remain compact and bloom well.


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